Red Sands, El Paso, Texas


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THE RENT AN ATV OFF-ROAD ADVENTURES Rider Safety Office, is located at the entrance to a privately owned off-road riding area in east El Paso, Texas. Locals call this area RED SANDS, due to its unique reddish-brown tint caused by iron oxide deposits.


RED SANDS is approximately 21 square miles in size and is located just west of Hueco Tanks State Park off of Montana Ave (US Hwy 62/US Hwy 180).


RED SANDS was under an ancient sea approximately 34 million years ago. This ancient sea covered most of the area. Over time, the ancient sea disappeared and various processes of erosion created RED SANDS and the beautiful surrounding areas you see today. Look long enough and you'll find plenty of ancient fossils.


RED SANDS features sand dunes, hundreds of serpentine trails, and small hills comprised of compact dirt and rock. RED SANDS is a beautiful area offering scenic views and is truly an attraction you won’t want to miss while visiting El Paso, Texas.

RED SANDS is currently open to the public year-round. However, this may be subject to change at any time. Additionally, please be aware that there may be small pockets of land that are closed to the public. These areas are normally fenced and will have signs posted. Please respect the property owners’ wishes and avoid riding near their property.

A Few Recommendations when riding your own off-road toys at Red Sands If you plan on bringing your own four-wheeler or dirt bike to RED SANDS we recommend the following:


• If your truck is not equipped with 4x4 (and off-road tires), DO NOT attempt to drive into the heart of RED SANDS, because YOU WILL get stuck in the fine sand. Please park at RENT AN ATV OFF-ROAD ADVENTURES located at the main entrance. Parking is only $5 for the whole day and you won’t get stuck.


• When riding at RED SANDS, please use appropriate safety equipment. In Texas, you are required to wear a helmet and eye protection. You must also display front and rear lighting at night. Additionally, you can be cited by Law Enforcement for having a passenger on a single passenger ATV or for riding recklessly.


• When riding at RED SANDS, please use a whip & flag on your off-road vehicle. Injuries occur at RED SANDS because riders fail to see each other behind sand dunes and around blind corners on narrow trails. A whip & flag allows other riders to identify your position and will prevent a collision. Whips & flags can be purchased at RENT AN ATV OFF-ROAD ADVENTURES at the main entrance.


• When riding at RED SANDS, please be aware that you are not the only person out there. Anticipate that there will be other riders around blind corners and on the other side of sand dunes.


• When riding at RED SANDS, do not ride over ANY sand dune without first stopping at the top of the dune to check the other side. MOST sand dunes at RED SANDS are either “Razorbacks” or “Slip-faces”, meaning they are sloped on one side and have drop-offs on the other side.


• Discharging of Firearms at RED SANDS is strictly prohibited. RED SANDS is a highly populated area. There are numerous desert areas in El Paso that offer safe back-drops for target practice. RED SANDS is NOT one of those areas. Our Rider Safety Patrol will contact you if you are seen discharging firearms and ask you to leave.


• Do not DRINK & DRIVE or DRINK & RIDE. The El Paso County Sheriff’s office and Texas State Troopers frequently patrol the area of RED SANDS and you may be subject to immediate arrest for DWI.


• RED SANDS is not easily accessible by ambulance and other first responders. YOU RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Always have a buddy with you and carry a cell phone, preferably with GPS capability. If you need help call 911 or contact our Rider Safety Office (915) 855-4288.


• When visiting RED SANDS, Please keep in mind that you are on private property and riding at RED SANDS is a PRIVILEGE and not a RIGHT. You can be asked to leave at any time by our Rider Safety Patrol.


Please Don’t Litter at RED SANDS

Over the years, RED SANDS has been home to hundreds of weekend off-road enthusiasts who truly appreciate the area and have gone to great lengths to clean the area and keep it open to the public. They have frequently held volunteer clean-up rallies and have been instrumental in maintaining the area.


Unfortunately, despite their great efforts, many visitors continue to litter. Broken beer bottles, nails from burnt pallets, wire from burnt tires, and other debris continue to plague the area.


RED SANDS is a beautiful area that sadly many folks take for granted. As a community, we can do better. Help us spread the word and please follow these simple suggestions when visiting RED SANDS.


• Bring a trash bag. If you forget to bring one, visit RENT AN ATV OFF-ROAD ADVENTURES. We sell large plastic garbage bags. If you don’t have any money, we’ll give you a bag for FREE, just please don’t litter.


• Please throw your trash away in our dumpster. We have placed a large commercial dumpster at the main entrance in front of our store. Please feel free use it. We pay a monthly fee to have it there and sadly it’s not being used enough. Please note: This dumpster is not for local residents to use for their personal waste. This dumpster is being provided to help clean-up RED SANDS. Please be considerate and work with us and not against us.


• Please do not burn tires or pallets. The combustible material will burn away, but the nails in the pallets and the steel wire in the tires will not burn away. The metal objects left behind will eventually end up in someone’s tires or just remain trapped in the sand to further pollute the area.


• Be a “RED SANDS HERO” and help spread the word that littering at RED SANDS is NOT cool. When visiting RED SANDS politely encourage those around you to use the dumpster.


• If you see someone discharging firearms, illegally dumping tires, building materials, furniture, or other large debris, please contact us immediately at (915) 855-4288 or report it to the El Paso County Sheriffs Office.


If you or someone you know would like to volunteer for a clean-up or can provide resources to help us clean-up the area, please email us at feedback@RENTanATV.com.

We thank you for your continued support.

Rent an ATV

El Paso, TX