Rider Safety Office

Licensed ATV safety training center in El Paso


State Licensed Training Facility

The Rider Safety Office at RENT AN ATV OFF-ROAD ADVENTURES, is the only licensed ATV safety training center in El Paso, Texas and in Las Cruces, NM. Our professional instructors have years of riding experience and prior law enforcement backgrounds.


Our ATV safety instructors are licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety and the ATV Safety Institute. Our professional staff will provide you the necessary instruction to meet state ATV training requirements (Texas Transportation Code Section 663.031)


Texas OHV Decals

A State OHV decal is required by Texas law (Chapter 29 of the Parks & Wildlife Code) for all individuals operating an Off-Highway Vehicle in Texas, at an OHV legal venue, which is located on the public lands of Texas, or on lands which have received OHV grants from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. OHV decals can be purchased for your personally owned vehicle for only $16 at our Rider Safey Office. Our staff members will also assist you in registering your OHV decal with the state. Please bring a valid ID and your vehicles VIN number.


Rider Safety Patrol

Our Rider Safety Patrol Staff are highly trained professionals with prior Law Enforcement/EMS backgrounds. They are State Certifed in ATV operation, are Licensed Instructors and are certified as Emergency Medical Responders (EMR). When traditional rescue vehicles need to enter areas that are inaccessible by two-wheel drive vehicles, our Rider Safey Patrol are called upon to assist local EMS/Law Enforcement as needed.


Our Rider Safety Patrol units are specially equipped rescue vehicles, using the 4x4 Jeep Wrangler platform. They are equipped with specialized lighting, winches, medical oxygen, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), spineboards, medical supplies, city-wide radio communications equipment and much. much, more.


Our Rider Safety Patrol Staff are in constant communication with our Dispatcher and continuously Patrol the area. They enforce rental policies and ensure the safety of our patrons while visiting at Red Sands. Rider Safety Staff members will contact visitors who are discharging firearms, illegally dumping in the area, or conducting activities that threaten the safety of our guests. Rider Safety Staff members have the authority to charge our renters up to $150 for violating any of our rental policies.


Community Outreach

Our Rider Safety Office works with many outside organizations to provide community education and outreach, in an effort of bringing greater awareness to the detrimental effects that littering has on our off-road riding areas. We host community clean-up events and collaborate with other organizations on a frequent basis. If you would like to assist us on future projects, please feel free to email us at feedback@rentanatv.com



RENT AN ATV OFF-ROAD ADVENTURES is open all year, including weekends and most Holidays. We stop renting when it gets dark, but our Service Department and Store stays OPEN.


Our Store Hours are:

Monday:   CLOSED
(Open Holiday Weekends)


Tuesday:  CLOSED


Wednesday & Thursday:
9am to 6pm (MST)


Friday, Saturday & Sunday:
9am to 9pm (MST)


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